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The Little Stringybark Creek Project has prepared and distributed a range of publications and documents since its inception. These documents are identified and were possible provided on the pages below. They have been grouped as:
  • Community documents

  • Documents aimed at promoting the project to the local residents, providing background on the project and its aims, as well as information on how they could participate and the incentives on offer. Most of theses documents are now obsolete, but are provided here as a source of information.

  • Reports

  • Documents prepared to report on the specific aspects, outcomes or progress of the project (often to funders or industry partners), at different stages of the project's life.

  • Journal articles

  • Articles published in referred journals that use data from the Little Stringybark Creek project. To obtain copies of the articles, please contact the project team or authors.

  • Conference presentations

  • Presentations to industry and research conferences

  • Other

  • Includes newspaper articles and videos.