New server, new look, new content has moved to a new server.  To celebrate the move, I have spent some time giving the site a spruce-up: please have a look around.

As previously announced, the interactive apps that used to host have moved to a separate server. My aim for now is for it to serve primarily as a hub for those apps and the projects of the Waterway Ecosystem Research Group and the Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership of which they are products. will continue to secondarily serve as the home of my blog/ruminations/ravings, as well as the collection of my publications, and  My Raingarden Diary .  I have taken the opportunity of the move to fill in some substantial gaps to the diary, having neglected it for a long 18 months: the raingarden continues to entertain as well as making our life better.

I am very grateful for the fantastic help and guidance of Ahmad Galea and Uli Felzmann at Science-IT at the University of Melbourne who drove and facilitated the move.

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