A raingarden harvest

Basil, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant from our raingardens, and spinach and parsley in the back garden (+ beans from the vine in our side garden watered with tank water)

In today’s update of my raingarden diary*, I’m reaping the harvest promised by this paper:

Tom, M., Richards, P., McCarthy, D.T., Fletcher, T., Farrell, C., Williams, N. & Milenkovic, K. (2013) Turning (storm)water into food; the benefits and risks of vegetable raingardens (Evaluation des performances et des risques d’un jardin de pluie potager).  Novatech (eds J.-L. Bertrand-Krajewski & T.D. Fletcher). GRAIE, Lyon, France.

Our raingardens are proving productive parts of our house that require very little upkeep (certainly no active watering).  Read more here.

*not a proper blog. I just add new entries to the end of an increasingly long page.


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