A big step forward – escape from Optus

Happy days!  We are finally moving out of our rental house, meaning that we can at last part ways with Optus as an internet service provider.* So, with a new IP address, urbanstreams.net can finally drag itself out of a dark, unvisited corner of the internet, with a proper URL.  I have also taken the opportunity to move my shiny tools to a proxy to give them cleaner addresses.

Just in case you are interested they are:

*For those who came in late, Optus block port 80, so I have been unable to run urbanstreams.net without adding a messy :83 after the address to get around their intransigence.  After being passed through 5 levels of technical staff at their call centre, I finally got to talk to a technician who had any idea what I was talking about.  I was told that if I wanted to run a website I must be a business, so would need to pay for a business plan to have access to port 80, and business plans were not available on their cable network (which was the only reason I chose to give them a go).  Anyway, it is now a delight to be free of them – they would easily win my vote for the most useless ISP I have ever had to deal with.

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