Accessing and using the data

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Kunapo, J., Walsh, C.J., Sammonds, M.J. (2019) The Melbourne Water Stream Network. Version 1.0. Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership Report 19.4. School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne.
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Table 1 of the manual provides links to download the data in various formats.

This web page provides an interface for exploring the dataset by stream name.

Checking the 'Show catchment' option calculates and plots the catchment boundary of the selected stream, and provides an option to download the output as a GIS file.

Calculating catchment boundaries is quick for most streams but takes minutes for the largest catchments (Werribee, Maribyrnong,Yarra).
Note: The map interface can cause the app to disconnect if the mouse hovers over plotted objects for an extended period.
Keep the cursor out of the map when not exploring.

Clicking on a reach will show its details. More functions to come.