About Chris Walsh

Chris’s physical location (most of the time): Melbourne, Victoria Australia.
He lives in Richmond, where he obsesses about his house’s stormwater runoff.
At work, he is a Principal Research Fellow in the
School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences at
The University of Melbourne,

Waterway Ecosystem Research Group
Burnley Campus
500 Yarra Boulevard
Burnley Victoria 3121
Tel: +613 8344 9155
Fax: +613 9349 4218
e-mail: cwalsh@unimelb.edu.au

Some virtual locations where evidence of Chris can be found:
urbanstreams.net (this page lives here)
(and includes a list of his publications with links to open-access articles)
The Waterway Ecosystem Research Group
The Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership
The wetland forest restoration project at Yellingbo Conservation Reserve
Symposium on Urbanization and Stream Ecology
The University of Melbourne
Google Scholar
Open Science Framework

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